Brow/Lash Bar



EyeLash tint £12
Lashlift with lash tint  £35
Lashift with full brows £43
NOUVEAU Lash Extensions- Professionally applied lash extensions giving you the appearance of fuller, thicker looking lashes with added volume.  £45
NOUVEAU Lash Extension Maintenance- You will need to top-up every three weeks to ensure your lashes look their best for longer.  £30
Brow tint  £10
Brow shape  £10
Full brows-Wax, tint, thread and pluck (first treatment)  £22
Full Brows Maintenance  £18
Full eye package-Eyelash tint, brow tint, brow shape £25
Microblading- semi permenant brows £260
Threading from  £8
Party lashes (cluster lashes added with semi permanent glue)  £15
Cluster lashes application  £15
Strip lash application  £10

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