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5 Make Up Mistakes To Avoid

5 Make Up Mistakes That You Must Avoid So As To Look Younger


People will stare. Make it worth their while ” – Harry Winston


As the quote states, the beautiful people out there must have experienced at least for once the stares of people. So why not make their staring experience even better by giving them some good looks.


With growing age, the way people take care of their looks changes. So many people look aged and less attractive. Now it is possible to improve the looks and catch people’s attention with confidence, just by making some small changes in the beauty regime.


So here in this post, we will discuss the makeup mistakes that people make and will share tips that will help you to gain back those looks and confidence.


  1. Wearing foundation that does not match your skin

Many a time, women end up looking with a floating face, as if they are wearing some mask. The reason for this is very simple. The foundation they have applied does not match with their neck and face. Going too light or dark will leave you with an artificial look.


So to get the right colour tone, test the foundation first on your skin. Simply apply the foundation on your cheekbone towards the jawline. Do not try to blend it in more. In case you have a tanned body, you can match your face with the colour of the body by applying a bronzer. The whole idea is to make your face and body look in an even manner.


  1. Choosing a dark shaded lipstick

With increasing age, you will lose the definition of your lips. So to make it look better, you need to use shades that will make them appear full. Dark shades make them look smaller and less plump. So better choose the shades of pink or mauve. Adding gloss on that will help you too. Many women think that lip gloss doesn’t suit their age and so should be avoided but it makes your lips look plump.


If you like dark shades then don’t worry. You can definitely try out some shades. Make sure that you avoid shades with a matte finish or with heavier texture.


  1. Using eyeliner only at the bottom of the eye

Many women out there use eyeliner only to line the bottom of eyes. They should understand that it is mandatory to line the top of the eye. Using liner at the bottom of the eyes is very easy but it makes your eyes appear small and makes you look old. Applying liner on the top will brighten up the face and you will look fresh and younger.


  1. Using wrong shade of blush

Most of the women have the habit of using brown coloured blush, which makes them look dull and the makeup appears to be sitting on the face. While there are others, who apply the colour that is too soft which make the look dull and older.


For better results, try to find the colour of the blush that appears on your cheek. Apply the blush on the cheekbone and then blend it properly.


  1. Not defining the brows

With growing age, brows become thinner. So if you will not fill the space with brow powder or pencil you may be left with dull face and older look. If you will properly fill your brows it will lift the appearance of the face and will properly define the features.


When you are buying products for the brow make sure to take up the products of the shade that match the colour of your brow. A proper colour will make the brows look attractive.

So leave behind all your old age makeup regime and look younger by applying these tips.

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