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Home Makeup studio Ideas

Having your own makeup studio at home can work to your benefit in a lot of ways. You get to work in the comfort of your home which can cut on your commuting expenses. It also allows you to be close to your family while working. On the other hand, the expense of having a studio can be more than what is expected. There are so many things you need to have in order to achieve the ideal working environment to suit your needs. Nevertheless, the satisfaction you get once all the issues are solved will surely be worth it. For makeup artists who are planning to build a professional-looking home makeup studio, here are some tips of the things you need to consider.

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  1. Mirrors – Certainly, the mirrors are some of the most important accessories to have when you are involved in the makeup business. You need to have good makeup mirrors that are distortion-free. You would want large mirrors that are wall mounted and have great lighting in order for you to do your best work every time. Be careful in choosing mirrors with illumination. Poor lighting can ruin your work and can cause you to lose clients or to apply bad makeup on yourself as well. Make sure they are glare-free and which come with LED lights as they will offer a purer and whiter light. Moreover, LED lights consume 75% less energy and are rechargeable, making them last for decades. These will provide the perfect all-around illumination you need for your studio. You can find here many mirrors decorating ideas.
  2. Lighting – The best lighting technology is the one that produces a soft and not too harsh effect. Make sure that lighting will allow you to see clearly under-chin and top of the head areas. Good lighting will enhance the way you regard makeup color as well the amount you use. Lights with high colouring index will work best especially when you match makeup to skin tone.


  1. Makeup drawers – In order to make your studio clutter-free, you need to have ample storage space. Makeup drawers help you store your makeup collection and tools while allowing you to have easy access to them anytime. Invest on furniture that comes with a lot of drawers so you can organize your equipment better. You can find good makeup organizers and other furniture for your studio through the online shop, Mohd. Check out Moooi which offers perfect pieces to complete and complement your home makeup studio. Moooi furniture can be found at Mohd, a unique shop online that explore design trends.
  2. Chairs – Making your clients comfortable when they visit your studio is one of the first things you need to consider. The perfect chair offers comfort but is strong and durable to handle different weights. They shouldn’t be wobbly and should back and leg comfort especially for long makeup sessions. There should also be chairs for clients who wait for their turn. You can choose colorful or dramatic designs that can add aesthetic appeal to your studio.
  3. Desk – The kind of desk or vanity you choose should always be of good quality material which will last long despite constant usage. There are makeup desks that come with built-in mirrors and lighting. Choose one that offers plenty of space to accommodate tools and makeup yet preventing clutter. It should also be easily cleaned so you can always present a charming atmosphere to every new client. In addition, it should be the right size for the space you have in your studio.

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