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Is a bridal trial necessary?

I have a lot of brides ask me if they should have a trial before their wedding. The simplest answer is yes if you can, but it’s not always easy. If you are getting married in Cornwall, but don’t live down here, it’s tricky  to fit it into a busy schedule.

If you can’t fit it in a trial I would recommend sending your makeup artist lots of photos including your dress, colour of your flowers, your hair style, the bridesmaids dresses and any jewellry or headpiece you have.

Photo’s are helpful

Also send over a photo of yourself with your normal makeup on and any photo’s of makeup you like.

This is going to give her lots of ideas about colours and how much makeup you are comfortable wearing.

When I have a bride who isn’t having a trial once she sends me all this information I send her some photo’s of what I think will look good on her and go with the look of the wedding. I usually send her photo’s of similar face shapes and eye shapes, so she can really see what looks she can wear.

Wedding day

On the wedding day I usually give myself more time, so I can really go through everything with her before I start, as their wouldn’t be time to remove it at the end if she didn’t like it. If my brides are nervous I give them a mirror to hold, so they can see each stage of the process and if they didn’t like anything they can say before I go too far (hasn’t happened yet- Phew!)

My aim for any bride is to make them look the best they have ever felt, but also feeling like themselves and be comfortable in the makeup.

Would you get married and not have a trial?

Let me know your comments below.



  1. I read your blog. The information you give in the blog is very good.

    • Sally orchard says:

      Hi. No a trial is not always necessary. I do offer trials by zoom as well, if one of my brides can’t get down to Cornwall before the wedding. We discuss the wedding and we exchange ideas of makeup looks that she likes and what will suit her.

  2. very nice blog! lot’s of information provided.

  3. very nice blog! thanks for sharing.

  4. Guri Makeup says:

    It was a good Information… Really like it.. Waiting for next part

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