Model Beach Photoshoot

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July 3, 2017
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Model Beach Photoshoot

I have been wanting to work with Danielle for ages. We managed to get an evening to do a shoot. I really wanted to do another beach shoot as its been a year since I did one. Also I haven’t picked up my camera for a couple of months, so I really felt I needed to get back into it. I almost lost the excitement of putting together a shoot. Its a tricky one, as at the moment I do all the styling and makeup and hair plus the photo’s so it does take a lot of energy to set up a shoot. I am hoping to meet more stylists so we can work together, as it’s not what I want to do, plus I want to focus on the photography. I do like doing the makeup though, that would be tricky letting someone else do it.

Danielle came to my studio and we did makeup and hair. I took a couple of photo’s in the studio just in case the beach didn’t work out. We then went down to Castle beach in Falmouth. The weather couldn’t have been better! It was sunny and warm, but the sun was setting, so it was a golden light.  It was great fun shooting Danielle. She is such a natural model. You can find her model page on facebook or instagram.

I hope you like the photo’s. I am slowly learning how to use photoshop, but still a bit rusty in some areas. Please comment below. Thanks Sally

Camera- Canon 5D Mark iii- Lens Canon 50Ml 1.4


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  1. Nicky charman says:

    I think your brilliant at photography and makeup. I remember this time a year ago when Lauren, victoria and myself finally met you! A great day! You made them feel so at ease. Xxx

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