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My Favourite Zoeva Brushes

I found Zoeva a couple of years ago. I couldn’t believe how reasonable the price was for such a good quality brush! I started to use more of their brushes and I love them!  I love the different colours they now come in. My favourite is the Rose golden Vol 2. They are so pretty!

Zoeva  is a German makeup and makeup tools company/brand founded in 2008.
The makeup brushes made by ZOEVA have both natural and synthetic bristles, depending on the brushes. From a technical point of view, the natural bristles are more suitable to apply powdery makeup products. The synthetic bristles are perfect for both powdery or creamy products.

Zoeva are becoming

I have compiled a list of my absolute favourites:

109- Luxe Face paint- Rose golden Vol. 2




I use this brush mainly for contouring with powders. The bristles are firm enough to apply enough product, but then you can use it to soften your lines. You can control where you go as the bristles are nice and short.


228- Luxe crease- Rose golden Vol.2



The luxe crease can be used as an eyeshadow brush to blur out any lines and blend two colours together, but it can also be used to blend your liquid concealers under the eye area and on any areas of the face that need an concealer.

232- Luxe classic shader- Rose golden Vol.2



This brush is great for applying a shimmer to the lid space on the eyes. It packs the eyeshadow on the area to make it visible. Its just a great flat eyeshadow brush, not too small and not too big.

237- Detail shader



I have been using this brush more and more, as clients want a stronger eyeshadow look. Its great to really pack on the darker colours, but controlling where you put them.

312-Detail Liner



Eyeliner is not always easy, but with this brush a flick is a doddle. its so think and small that it can be used for a a small eye and you still have control on the line. A must for every makeup artists kit.

317- Wing liner- Rose golden- Vol.1



This eyes line brush is great for a larger flick. Its so thin it will keep your line neat and fine. Good for larger eyes, but maybe not smaller eyes.

104- Buffer- Rose golden- Vol.2



This brush is so soft and easy to use. If you want a full coverage for your foundation then its a perfect brush. It feels so comfortable on the skin and makes blending your foundation in so easy. It also keeps its shape after every wash.

125- Stippling



I love this brush for applying a liquid foundation to give a sheer natural look. Its great with serum based foundations or any that give a radiance to the skin. You can even use it with a full coverage foundation to apply less product, so you can turn it into a medium coverage foundation.

I have also done my first video blog showing these brushes. I hope you enjoy.



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