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‘Off to the country’

This fashion shoot happened last year, but I have only had time to edit the pics this week. I came up with the idea of the shoot with my fellow team makeup artist Joy. Joy loves horses and has two on her parents farm. I really wanted to have a go at shooting with a horse so we got two models and did their makeup and hair, then used some of joys jodpurs and jackets and of course her riding boots and took some photo’s around the farm.

What I did find out was horses don’t like reflectors! We soon had to ditch that, as it was making Bobby (the horse) very jumpy. It was also a very sunny day, which isn’t always great for photo’s, as we were shooting around 1pm so there was lots of harsh shadows. Another issue I had was my camera couldn’t focus properly, so some of the photo’s are not as crisp as I would have liked them, hence me trading in my Canon 5Dmarkii for the Canon 5D markiii, as I don’t trust it anymore, but it could have been the lens so I will check when my new camera arrives (can’t wait!)

Overall it was a great shoot. The models Chloe and El did an amazing job with Bobby. We even got them to sit on the horse without a saddle (very brave)

I hope you like the photo’s Please comment below and share.




Makeup by Orchard makeup team- Sally ( myself and Joy Faul)

Hair by Joy Faul

Models- Chloe Drew and El Warren

Outfits supplied from Joy Faul


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