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Siskyn Beauty skincare review

I love trying out new skincare especially when its a natural product and is made locally. Siskyn skincare Is a natural luxury skincare, with organic ingredients and no nasties. Sisters Sarah and Emma came up with the idea, when they had trouble with their own skins and noticed the products that they were using had lots of chemicals in and water and no active ingredients in to feed the skin. Siskyn skincare has a small range designed for all skin types. The lovely sisters sent me over some of the oils to try.

I used the Camelia & Safflower Hot cloth cleansing oil

This was an usual idea for me, as it was fragrance free. I am not keen on artificial scents, but I love the small of essential oils, so not having any fragrance seemed odd, but when I used it it felt amazing on the face. I warmed the product up in my hands then massaged it around my eyes and face. Then used the cloth rinsed under the hot tap and wiped it off including my makeup. It took off all my eye makeup off so well. My skin felt hydrated afterwards and not tight at all.

I also tried the Organic rose and neroli day facial oil

This was probably my favourite. The smell is out of this world!. It smells so luxurious and when you apply the oil it absorbs really well. I only needed a few drops each day. I used it under my normal moisturiser, but you could use it on its own. This lasted me ages as well, about 4-5 months using every day so good value for money and I didn’t get any dry areas throughout this time.

The last product I tried was the Elixr lemon and sea buckthorn brightening night oil

This oil felt so luxurious to use. It smelt so nice and I did feel when I woke up after wearing it all night my skin looked brighter. I didn’t see my pigmentation improve, but maybe if I used it regularly it might have more of an impact, but I definitely saw an improvement to my overall look to my skin.

To summarise, I would recommend anyone try out Siskyn oils. I am a dry skin so I do love oils on my skin. I am not sure how oily skin types would like it, but oils are supposed to help oily skin to balance out their natural oils so it’s worth trying. The products are quite costly, but they did last me ages. The only thing that I felt they could improve on is the packaging. It was hard to control how much oils I could get out each day as one pump was too much, so in the end I unscrewed the lid and tipped it onto my palm, which isn’t ideal. I think a dropper would work better. Overall a beautiful product with great results.





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