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January 24, 2018
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Spring Bridal Photoshoot

The photography

It’s been such a long time since I put a bridal shoot together. It takes so long to organise everything and the weather hasn’t been great. This shoot was pretty simple, as I shot it in my studio. I wanted to focus on a simple look for spring to show off the makeup and hair.

This shoot ended up being quite tricky. I shot the photos in my main beauty room. I used a stand with a pink background, some large pom poms I had made from a previous shoot and two studio lights.  I wanted to get some detail of the jewellery so I had the camera settings on F13,  speed 1/200 and 100 iso. The only trouble was the background was too sharp, so it didn’t look professional. I tried different ways, but did struggle. Also I kept getting a black side to the photos, which realised afterwards my shutter was too slow for the lights. I think that’s why practice makes perfect, but the team were great and I am pretty please with the end result.

Let me know what you think.

spring bridal

peach makeup

spring bridal shoot


The makeup theme was peach. This is a big trend this year, so we wanted to create a fresh spring look. Shauna one of my team did one of the models and I did the other. We used a sleek palette I had for the eyes and the new makeup range we have in our studio called Mii for the lips.

Bridal hair


Models: Jordan mcdonnell and Danielle Osborn

Hair stylist: Kerra Griffith

Makeup: Orchard makeup team

Photography: Sally Orchard

Jewellery and hair pieces: Glitzy Secrets

Flowers: Michelle Burley-hodge


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