Georgia (2nd March 2017)
March 8, 2017
Beth (31st December 16)
March 8, 2017
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Patrycja (2nd March 2017)

I absolutely recommend training and learning makeup with Sally. She is amazing and I loved every minute of the two courses I have done with her. She’s very patient and will explain and show you techniques even million times if necessary, she’s a perfectionist at what she is doing. I cannot recommend her enough! I was always dreaming of becoming a makeup artist and thought it’s gonna remain just a dream. Then one day I decided that I will give it a try! I loved it! I have learnt a lot more than I thought I would. Sally is very easy going person with a lot of passion for makeup and she has done extremely well as there isn’t anyone in Cornwall to train with with her experince and skills. I am hoping she will introduce more courses in the future and will be booking again. There isn’t a better feeling than being able to do something you really love and makeup is that very thing for me, so I’m taking my chance. These courses are for everyone, so if you still hesitating, please don’t! You’ll meet lovely people, have fun and spend all day in a room full of makeup! What’s better than that?!