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January 2, 2020
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The Best ways to Personlise your wedding

We’ve seen so many weddings over the years that they have all started to look the same – a big blur of white tulle, fluffy peonies and fruit cakes with white icing. Don’t want your wedding to fade into the crowd? Embrace you and your partner’s personalities and follow these four tips to designing a wedding that expresses everything that makes you unique.

1. Pick a theme

A theme is one of the most important aspects to consider when first planning your wedding, and it offers a fantastic opportunity to add more personality to your big day. Some of the usual things to consider when it comes to wedding themes are the season, the location and the mood. However, you can add you and your partner’s personalities into the mix by incorporating your favourite colours and personal styles. It is a great idea to create a mood board, pinning images that really speak to you or that you want to recreate at your wedding. Once you see all the images together, it will be easy to see how you and your partner’s personalities merge together in one unique theme.

2. Choose fun table names

Tables are where your guests will spend a large portion of the day, and many wedding planners go to great lengths to find the most picturesque table numbers, table ornaments and table settings, ensuring the most beautiful photographs on the day. However, your tables offer more opportunity to personalise your wedding beyond table settings and decoration. It is becoming increasingly popular to give each table a name that means something personal to the bride and groom. Some popular options include countries or cities that you have visited together, significant dates in your time together, or do what Meghan and Harry did and celebrate you and your partner’s differences – the couple named each of their tables after a word that Americans and Brits pronounce differently.

3. Get the music right

Not only is music an important part of your wedding day, evoking emotions and encouraging your guests to have fun. It is often a significant part of your relationship with your partner, too. You might have the same favourite songs or songs that meant a lot at a certain time in your life – why not incorporate these into your entertainment? One budget-friendly way to enjoy all of your favourite music is to design your own playlist. Another popular option is to have a live band and request they play some of your all-time favourite songs. Hiring a band for your wedding doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, you can save money by booking a midweek or winter wedding, or hire a local band that won’t need to travel in for the event. It is also a good idea to check that the band you are planning on hiring is self-contained, meaning they bring their own microphones, PA system and instruments.

4. Consider the wedding video

You will be watching your wedding video for years to come and passing it down through the generations, so use it as a chance to celebrate you and your partner’s unique personalities. These days, there are so many talented videographers that will craft a stunning video, but if a videographer isn’t in your budget, there are plenty of ways to film your own special video too. For example, you can ask all of your guests to film bits and pieces of the big day, not only the important moments you shared with your partner but what your guests got up to themselves! Encourage your guests to send their footage to you and you can pass it on to an editor who will turn the hand-filmed footage into a special video that celebrates your modern love story.

Far too often, wedding planning can cause the bride and groom masses of stress as they want their big day to be absolutely perfect. However, allowing your personality to seep into your wedding plans can often take some of the pressure off the event, as you begin to embrace all of the little things that make you special! These tips will help you craft a wedding day that stands out and celebrates the most important thing – you and your partner!

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