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Top 5 tips and tricks to make your eyelashes appear fuller and bigger


  1. Get an eyelash comb

One of the best ways to make your eyelashes appear bigger and fuller is to use an eyelash comb. It is important to first comb your eyelashes to extend their length and avoid them from being clumped together. You can get a good quality comb and use it a few minutes before applying mascara.

  1. Eyelash curler

Another amazing tip to make your eyelashes look fuller and longer is to use an eyelash curler. There are many curlers available in the market and you can get one for yourself easily from any cosmetic store. Again, eyelash curler also has to be used before the mascara.

  1. Lash extensions

Another superb product which you can use to make your eyelashes appear longer and bigger is a lash extension. Products like WUNDER2 lash extension stain mascara work by adding more volume to the existing lashes. The lash extensions form a strong bond and stick to your existing lashes and stay on for up to 72 hours. This is a revolutionary new product which makes use of advanced science of hair fibers and is being used all over the world.

  1. A good mascara

Good mascara won’t really add length to your eyelashes but can definitely add volume and density. Make sure you buy a good quality one which stays on for a long time and defines your beautiful eyelashes effectively. Always make sure your lashes are not clumped together before application. Also, remove the excess amount after you have applied it.

  1. Tightlining

Tightlining is a technique or a method of applying eye liner to your upper waterline as this gives an appearance of a fuller lash line and thus does the trick for you. Make sure the eyeliner you use is of the same color as your mascara and of a good quality.

Now that you know about the 5 wonderful tips of making your eyelashes appear fuller, you can try each method and see which works best for you. Lash Extensions are gaining popularity these days and are increasingly becoming a common make up ritual among people across the world. Eyelash extensions do not have any side effects and are also highly natural in their look and application. So what are you waiting for? Go get your eyelash product today and make your eyes look beautiful and gorgeous.

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