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Why Airbrush Makeup?

Myself and my team all use airbrush makeup on our brides all the time, but a lot of our clients are not sure of the benefits, so I thought I would write this months blog to explain all about airbrush makeup.

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is designed to be used in an airbrush gun. The makeup tends to be more fluid, so can be sprayed very finely out of the gun.

Is there only one make of airbrush makeup?

No there is a lot of different ranges of makeup including Temptu, Kett, Airbase, Dinair and many more. There is also different types of airbrush makeup:

Water based

This dries instantly and can feel very light and look great on all ages, but can move especially if it gets wet, so not ideal for brides. Brand- Kett

Silicone based

This dries around a minute and can feel light on the skin, but looks flawless. It is water resistant as it sits on top of the skin, so lasts very well. Looks good on all ages, but some brands are better than others. Brands- Temptu and Airbase

Alcohol based

This is usually used for the body . Its ideal for covering up tattoos, as is waterproof. This is not recommended for the face.

Why use airbrush makeup for your wedding?

Airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the face, so you don’t need to touch the face as you apply it. This is great for people with sensitive skin or reacts to pressure. It is also good for hiding coldsores as you can directly spray onto the skin and not infect the makeup brushes.

Airbrush especially silicone based lasts a long time. It doesn’t tend to slide off the skin like some manual foundations do. You can layer it, so one layer for a soft natural look or 4-5 layers for a strong, full coverage.

It feels very light like you are not wearing anything but looks flawless.

It covers up blemishes and scars evenly and without clogging.

Its water resistant, so if tears come, you know that your makeup will hold.

Other uses

You can also airbrush contour, blusher, brows with airbrush, some people even do the eyeshadow, but I prefer to do this manually.

Is it expensive to buy and do you pay extra to have it done?

A lot of makeup artists don’t use it as it can be expensive to start off with. The foundations are top of the range, so they can cost more money than other foundations, but its worth it. The gun is expensive, but lasts for ages if looked after.

We don’t charge extra for airbrush makeup, as we decided that we wanted to offer the best for our clients, but if you do prefer a manual foundation we have lots to choose from.

I hope this has helped. Let me know what you would like to see in the next blog.




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