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Why Are Makeup Artists Expensive (but worth every penny)

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I do occasionally have clients asking why is my makeup so much more than salons or on a Mac counter, so I thought I would write a post on it.

1. Products

Makeup is not cheap! Even with a pro discount, you need so many different colours and types that an average kit costs around £5,000. This comes from all different brands that we have tested out for their ability to stay on all day and through to the evening. Is beauty salons they tend to have one brand that they then sell to the client. This can be limiting, as there isn’t one brand that I have come across that does everything right. It is also more for everyday use rather than for a wedding so can slide or not show up on the camera.  Shops like Mac offer makeovers, but you do have to buy some makeup products, which you may then not use afterwards, so this isn’t always a cheaper method and you usually have to go to the counter, not in your hotel room on the morning so it can be stressful.

2. Tools of the trade

I have over 50 brushes that all do a different job. These cost money and are washed each day. Brushes you get from chemists aren’t the same. When I teach makeup, most people need brushes to achieve the look they want. Once they wear out they need to be replaced, which does happen regularly.

3. Training

Trends and new products are coming out all the time, so we have to keep up to date with whats out there. This means spending money on training and updating our products to offer the best service. This isn’t cheap especially being in Cornwall, where we have to travel a day just to get up to London.

4. Travel

Travelling to weddings can take time. I always book out a day now to do a wedding, as I could be there up to 2 hours more than I thought, as the bride may need help getting dressed or any other help. The time to travel around Cornwall in the summer can take twice as long with the roads very busy, so we do allow enough time to allow the bride not to stress on the day.

5. Work ethics

When I work at a wedding I am usually there really early, sometimes 6am then work usually 6-8 hours without a break or food, if I haven’t made my smoothie. Its intense, but its what we need to do to get everyone done in time. It can be very tiring and I never get a Saturday off, but this is normal for MUA’s.

6. Get what you pay for

Imagine yourself nervous and jittery on your wedding morning… Now try putting eyeliner on! Isn’t it better to leave it to the experts who know what they are doing and you can just relax and enjoy the morning? I know all my timings so the bridal party don’t have to stress. Everything is taken care of so they can just chill out and sip champagne. Clients who have had their makeup done professionally are shocked at how good they can look, but still look like themselves and they look great on camera. Who doesn’t want that?

Let them know if you had a makeup artist on your wedding and if it was worth it?





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